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Double-Helix Water® Simplified

Our extensive research venture to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the molecular structure of water has resulted in what we have termed Double Helix Water. I encourage you to read our book, Double-Helix Water: Has the 200-Year-Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved?

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Norman Shealy Recommends Double Helix Water

Although there are gold standards, with double blind studies showing statistically significant outcomes with homeopathy products, the ESTABLISHMENT stubbornly refuses to accept the basic concept that a minute quantity of a particular substance has the power to trigger the body’s innate healing ability.

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Double-Helix Water® Explained

Several people have asked me to write a simple explanation of Double-Helix Water. The question is normally along the lines of “Can’t you just write something simple? We just want to know what’s in it and how it works.” If only the world were so uncomplicated. My reply has been, “I’ve already done that.

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