Double Helix Water Could Explain Why Homeopathy Works

I am reaching out to scientists all over the world, asking that they consider working in the area of health and Double Helix Water.

As you know infrared photography captures temperature. There is a growing movement to add thermography (infrared photography) to breast cancer screening. Some believe that thermography can indicate problems years before something shows up on a mammogram.

While this is an interesting area of research, I am not using thermography to diagnosis tumors or to indicate other health issues, but to detect changes in the body after a treatment based on Double Helix Water.

Before we move to the thermographic images:

Infrared Photography or Thermography

Thermal Imagery of Double Helix WaterBefore and After Double Helix Water

These photos were taken ten to twenty minutes apart.  Image A was taken before a qi treatment and B after.  (In the photos white is the hottest, then red, orange, green, yellow and blue.)  What we are looking for is significant change in the in image A and B, and to see if there is more symmetry between the right and left side of the body after a drinking water.

These are images taken before and after treatment of an acupuncturist, a qigong healer and double helix water.


The meridian system is the foundation of Chinese medicine. The rational is that meridian system is the most senior system in the human body. It governs all other systems: the blood circulation system, the central nervous system, the glands-hormone system, immune system, etc.

The most extensive and solid evidence to support the view that the meridian system is the most senior system is that acupuncture works. By using a single needle to insert at some crucial points on the meridian system, it is able to treat hundreds of diseases.

At present in medical sciences, the research effort is totally one sided. Any subsystem of our body that claims to be fundamental, such as the brain that controls all our conscious activities, or the DNA which determines our genetic traits attract the attention of   thousands of excellent research workers  of the highest caliber. They spend billions of dollars to investigate the brain, and DNA, and others.

Comparatively the research effort on the foundation of Chinese medicine is very small. On the foundation of Chinese medicine such as the nature of meridian system, there is even less.

I am professionally a theoretical physicist. I understand and practice the rigor of western science. I am also a professor of research in Chinese medicine. I take on Ph. D. student in acupuncture. I see the huge gap between the requirement of a rigorous science, and the state of affair in the molecular basis of meridian system.  It needs to be bridged.
Let me mention one of my small efforts to bridge that gap. I want to show that the meridian system is the most senior system of our body.

Hypothesis that meridians are made up of stable water cluster, what we call Double Helix Water (DHW)

Our hypothesis is that meridians are made up stable water clusters that have polar charges, positive charge on one end, and negative charge on the other end. The positive and negative charges intrinsic in the stable water clusters correspond to the yin and yang in Chinese medicine. The many properties of meridians can be explained one by one . (see my book Biophysics basis of acupuncture and Health, Dragon Press, 1995)

It turns out we have succeeded to manufacture water that contains these stable water clusters. We may call it (DHW) for short.  Drinking such water will be able to repair blockage in meridians. The ability of acupuncture to cure hundred of illnesses comes from unblock the blockage in meridians. Hence I reason that this water should also be able to influence the health of a person in a comprehensive way.

An experiment to that effect was performed on a cruise in November 2008. We recruit  78 volunteers in the cruise. (Written consents are obtained).  They are required to take three sets of infrared images of the whole body. One set before drinking ordinary distilled water. One set is taken ten minutes after drinking distilled water. Then another cup of DHW water is drank. A third set of infrared images  is taken twenty minutes later. The volunteers drank two cups of different waters. They do not know which is which.

After detail analysis of the temperature distribution of the whole bodies of these 78 subjects, we conclude:

Everyone was affected significantly by drinking DHW water in some part of the body in comparison with drinking ordinary distilled water”.

If we regard meridian system as the most senior system, a repair of the blockage in some part of meridian system, which occurs at different places for different persons, will have different influence of the health of different person.

Let me give you a part of data from the cruise experiment to support such assertion.
We use the maximum temperatures T in the frontal neck and frontal shoulder region as a quantitative parameter to indicate the state of health in that region.
The maximum temperature before drinking ordinary water is denoted as  T1 .
The maximum temperature ten minutes after drinking ordinary water and before drinking SWC water is T2.
The maximum temperature twenty minutes after drinking DHW water is T3.

Among 78 subjects, there are 26 subjects, whose frontal neck and shoulder region does not change much after drinking ordinary water. Quantitative the maximum temperature change ( T 2 – T1) is less  than 0.250C.

Then we look for the change of the state of health of these 26 subjects in the frontal  neck and shoulder region  and see whether it changes after drinking the SWC water. If SWC is like ordinary distilled water we expect there will be no change in the state of health in this region. Quantitatively it means the change in maximum temperature ( T 3 – T2 ) will be small. Experimentally the result is different. By the amount of change in maximum temperature ( T3 – T2 ), we can classify them into three groups: group a, there is little change in maximum temperature, group b the maximum temperature increase, and group c the maximum temperature decreases:

I am traveling around the world going to science conferences and sharing what The Quantum Health Institute, myself and colleges have discovered so far.  There is a lot of excitement in this area and I look forward to participating in this great effort with other scientists and medical practioners and greatly increasing the statical numbers in Please contact us for further information.

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