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Are Our Meals as Healthy as We Think They Are?

Most of us make an effort to eat what we think is a healthy meal. We really do. And those who prepare meals for the family, be they moms or dads, husbands or wives, all do their best to make it a nutritious and delicious meal. I think it is relatively safe to say that […]

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I'm determined to do my own latte art one day. But until then I'll just admire the results from the Caffe Artigiano baristas.

Misleading Food Studies

Just about every day, there is a new news article in every major newspaper’s health section, about the relative health benefit of some food substance or beverage. While these articles are interesting, they tend to lack scientific merit. It’s hard to say how this has become generally acceptable. I certainly couldn’t tell you why; I […]

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What Makes a Good Diet?

Good health is neither mystical nor unattainable. A proper diet combined with some light daily exercise would do wonders in itself.  A “proper diet” is, however, an unclear concept.  There are  1001 diets and superfoods on the market, each wanting to position themselves as “the best.” So, why so many diets? Let’s start with the […]

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How is Health Lost and Regained?

A lack of general knowledge of the subjects of health and the human body leads to misconceptions, and opens the door to accepting false information. For instance, many people believe that disease and illness are brought about by some mysterious unknown (or unavoidable) cause, and that it is just a matter of “luck” – or, […]

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Why Calorie Counting is Bad for your Health

Calorie counting is probably the worst possible system that exists for maintaining weight or good health.  Why? Calorie counting, as a system for the selection of foods in the diet, completely omits the recognition of nutritional elements. Using the calorie counting system only, can literally kill you. Health is obtained through nutritional elements.  The calorie […]

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